Jamie Bates Bio

Jamie Bates is a 29 year old professional kickboxer and boxer from Annfield Plain in County Durham.

He is 6 feet tall and weighs in at 77kg (12stone 1lb). Jamie trains at the MASAC Gym in Annfield Plain and he also trains other members of the gym including the stars of tomorrow.

Jamie has an exceptional amateur pedigree recording 61 wins from 62 fights as well as an equally impressive professional record of 27 wins from 32 fights. Jamie is currently ranked UK number 1 in the Kickboxing Welterweight Division. He has also held a number of titles including WKF World Champion 84.6kg, King of the Ring European Champion 85kg, SuperKombat WGP champion 2014

Jamie’s kick boxing career has ensured that he has fought on a number of promotions including GLORY, ACB, SuperKombat, TatNeft World Cup. He has met some formidable opponents during his career including

Alim Nabiyev, Yoan Kongolo, Richard Abraham, Eyevan Danenberg, Tommy King, Pavel Turuk, Wladimir Idranyi, Miles Simson, Flavious Boiciuc and Kev Ward.

Jamie is set to embark on a new path of professional boxing in the very future and we are proud to be supporting Jamie and the MASAC Gym every step of the way.