Diet Protein Ultra (907g) Strawberry

H2N Premium Quality Diet Protein Ultra contains a massive 31g protein per 39g serving
Diet Protein Ultra is designed to give the user a defined physique. This supplement gives a massive amount of protein with a minimal amount of carbohydrates. Diet Protein Ultra also contains active ingredients including metabolism boosting ingredients to aid fat loss.
H2N Nutrition supplements blend easily and taste great.
Diet Protein Ultra is part of our Lean Muscle range and has proved immensely popular throughout a number of gyms and clean eating restaurants across the North East of England
H2N Nutrition premium quality Diet Protein Ultra comes in a 907g tub which gives the user 23 servings, each containing a huge 31g of protein per 39g serving
144 Calories per serving
31g of Protein per serving
2.5g carbohydrates per serving
1g fat per serving
H2N Nutrition supplements are used by professional athletes through to absolute beginners.
All of our supplements are blended in the UK using only premium quality ingredients

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