Vegan Isolate Ultra 1kg (Salted Caramel flavour)

Vegan Isolate Ultra 1kg (Salted Caramel flavour)

H2N Nutrition premium quality Vegan Isolate Ultra contains a massive 38g protein per 50g serving


Salted Caramel Flavour


Protein is essential for a healthy lifestyle and is key to building muscle and repairing cells whilst boosting immunity.


Vegan Isolate Ultra gives the user a huge amount of protein with a minimal ingredients.  Vegan Isolate Ultra is also an excellent alternative to dairy based products. It boasts a high biological and digestion rate. Vegan Isolate Ultra also contains substantial amounts of the branched chain amino acids Isoleucine, Valine and Leucine.


H2N Nutrition supplements blend easily and taste great.


H2N Nutrition Vegan Isolate has proved immensely popular throughout a number of gyms and clean eating restaurants across the UK


H2N Nutrition supplements are used by professional athletes through to absolute beginners.


All of our supplements are blended in the UK using only premium quality ingredients